Thank you for purchasing orchids from Gold Country Orchids

Regardless of the type of orchid, Gold Country plants are grown and bred for an easy transition into your home or greenhouse. Generally orchids are easier to grow than people are led to believe. A few basic rules apply to growing orchids in your home. A southern or eastern window is best, however a western window can also work if it is not too hot. Never allow the foliage to be warm to the touch. The light should be bright and indirect for the most part. Direct winter sun or direct morning sun is usually alright. Leaves should be plump and a nice medium green in color. The number one reason why plants don’t flower in the home is not enough light. Don’t set your orchids on top of a television or refrigerator, as this may cook them. Water your orchids we;; from the top when they are dry, letting the water run thoroughly thru the pot. And don’t let them sit in water. Humidity trays will help, but you can be successful without them. Fertilize them after watering with a general purpose 20-20-20 plant food every other time you water. In general you will be watering about once a week. Most of our plants are bred to flower at least twice a year by following these cultural instructions. Thank you again for your purchase and enjoy your orchids!

It doesn’t matter what the growing media is, it is critical to allow the plants to dry out between watering. Most will not tolerate constant wet conditions, even if mounted on cork or redwood. Follow the above light and fertilizer requirements and you will grow and flower them easily.
‘Lady Slippers’ are one type of orchid that will benefit from more frequent watering, although it is best to let them go almost dry or dryish between watering. This extra water will grow strong lush plants that will flower easily in the home. They also benefit from more frequent repotting. Follow the above light and fertilizer requirements.
Most of our moth orchids are grown in New Zealand Sphagnum Moss. The moss retains more water than bark and gives off more humidity for the plant. Water the plants when they are just dry, this could be 14 days in a cold wet winter, or 4 days in a hot summer. Follow the above light and fertilizer requirements to grow and flower them in your home.